Signature Facials / $65

Welcome to our Haus, where we believe in giving great face to the entire human race.

Haus Special

Our expertise + your skin unite, delivering the ultimate pre-occasion glow with an oxygen blast.

*Keep Glowing

This pro-aging facial cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates a seasoned complexion. Celebrate the skin you’re in!

*Spotless Reputation

Bring peace to problematic skin with this targeted acne treatment.

*Best Man

This guys-only cleanse and renewal shows his complexion some brotherly love.

*Bright Side

Look towards a brighter future with a treatment that helps fade sun damage and dark spots.

*Teen Spirit

Gives teens clean, bright skin, and tips on how to keep it that way.

United We Smooth / $95

Designed by dermatology legend Dr. Lancer, this polishing facial pairs his famous products with microdermabrasion. To life, liberty and the pursuit of radiance!

*includes light extractions.

Gimme a Boost!

Eye-Rise $10

Have a Blast $10

Lip, Laugh, Love $10

Power to the Pores $10

Necks Generation $10

Universal A-peel $20

Buff Love (microderm) $30

Beam Me Up (LED) $70

Random Wax of Kindness

Chin $10 / Lip $10 / Brows $20

Believe in Youth $30

Teach the children well with an organic strawberry facial and skincare tips for kids 10 and under.

All For One $10

Stay calm: this emergency spot treatment
is here for you.

Face the Future Package

3 Facials for $185 or 6 Facials for $355

*includes all $65 fabulous facials
*facial on-the-haus card for the first time clients only
*non-transferable and expires one year from date of purchase

And that’s zit.